DesiGner Virgin Hair , Home of Our RawHairGuru Specialist. The Original Creator of The Stolen Chinese Brazilian Fake Virgin hair grades 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A 10A Hair Grade system! Now African ladies looking for 12A & 14A Virgin Hairs grades? Tired of the lies? Looking for a new vendor? Live chat lets get started!:)

What does Unprocessed Raw Virgin Hair, Remy hairs or Donor Hair means ?

This popular Virgin Hair industry question depends on which Region Raw Hair factory is located , and if your asking Virgin Hair Extension supplier then your answer depend on if they are knowledgeable about the mess of China & India with lies to target African American buyers mainly as they dont sell those blend mess to certain types....

P.s as to the questions about Hair grades: I  ( Lorna)  Yes Your RawHairGuru designed the Chinese Mink Brazilian Hair grade system 5a to 10A, It was stolen by Chinese back then as a new seller I/We also trusted them and that was one of the hard lessons learnt on this journey. If anyone would know the proper qualities to represent each Brazilian Virgin Hair grade   it would be the originator ( Myself) So your in the right place.

What does Unprocessed Raw Virgin Hair?

 Raw Virgin Hair is chemically unprocessed Cut human hair from a One head donor.  Our Virgin Hair Factories and Cuticle Hair sourcing partners doesn't dye, perm, bleach our Pure Raw Virgin hairs available in natural black hair or natural Brown hairs soft silky straight for fastest shipping.

What is Cuticle Remy Hairs?

The Purest processed 100% Raw Virgin hair available , which means the gathering of unprocessed Hairs from youngest donors to ensure the quality is pure indeed, then   and cut from the head using a method to keep the hairs  strands from falling and are kept aligned making tangling impossible as on donors head. They are processed for styles and colors, usually for high end European markets.

to be cont... 8/28, RawHairGuru