A Grade Hair 5A 6A 12A to 15a types

After going over the difference of hair grades 4a 5A 6A 7a 8a 9A 10a 12a 14a 15a grades Hair Extension Grades from addifferent website, you'll problable be just as clueless as to , Which is the best grade hair to buy 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A 12A 14A 15A, dont ask! since it was stolen by China Hair Factories workers over 10yrs now.

DesiGner Virgin hair Best Grade 10A Double Drawn Virgin hair and Remy hair Specialist www.RawHairGuru.com
Is there a difference between hair grades ? 8A hair: Grade 8A hair weaves is 100% human hair, it's DesiGner Remy human hairs. Our RawhairGuru virgin 8A hair is much thicker than most selling 7A, which has less short hair on weft in the hair bundles. Our RawHairGuru 10A hair: Grade 10A hair is 100% raw Virgin beautiful donor hairs.

">DesiGner Virgin Hair Grade 10A is an investment quality custom made per order, straight /wavy , 100% unprocessed virgin hair from one donor with naturally thick ends , Its an excellent choice for Raw Hair lovers Your Hair Factory or supplier may have another Different meaning of differences Between Hair Grades explanation for the 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A—10A- Hair Bundles. However, If your want to start your hair business Wholesale Remy Virgin human hair with DesiGner Virgin hair your official RawHairGuru best in the industry and your secret weapon against your competitors for all type hair extension wigs & or your own inventions custom made always accepted to meet our high quality need to ensure quality. Googled a few things as I have been watching this mess on google for few years now, figuring how to beat them at their own games, First best I clean some things up on the google about this Hair grade and allow you'll to learn not only the difference with Virgin hair grades but the  who/ how it was started. 

">DesiGner Virgin Hair Grade A 100% Unprocessed Virgin Remy Hairs, excellent choice for Raw Hair lovers , www.RawHairGuru.com Join us:)

Lets Begin with Who Originated it, Well That’s me, myself & the Lord on This website bigcartel many years ago. I was the first to index it on google and as a result held first place search for few years even after china stole it, at that time I didn't know much about google backside for business meaning SEO stuff (Wink) smarter now:), so back then I remove the link  fixing google merchant center error  by changing the words on the link itself and lost 1st position for the term on google search and its then It spreed like while fire by my then Chinese Hair so call factory whom I/We trusted and believed as many of you new and old still believing the lies  , they reuse to sell cheap hair lies to this day all over the world for the last 7-1yrs! Now South African, Nigerian African women looking for 12A 14A, 15A be like huh?So those must come form Virgin Mary Herself? LOL

Grade 10A Cuticle Remy hairs is the highest hair extension quality on colored hairs, it’s also the most expensive. It’s designed from 100% Virgin Hair from One Donor strong structure
Now That the foolishness spread out of hand out there, Being aware of the great Hair deceit over the pass few years , DesiGner Virgin hair , was born focusing on Original custom made Raw Hair, Your RawHairGuru Specialist demands custom made products for our high end clients providing custom made Hair grades base on insider Hair industry secrets and friend in high places:) , we will have our products redesign custom made per order and has over the years positioned our company to better assist you to deciding on which Hair grades works best for yourself or the most suitable in your market if you’re a hair weave salon owner or stylist or other entity seeking proper afford quality sourcing to work with. I’ve learnt different Regions require different DesiGner Virgin hair mink Brazilian Hair grades and may in fact have a different meaning for each 5a 6a 7a 8a 9a 10a now 12a 14a, this does not mean we at DesiGner Virgin hair sell any blends of cheap yarn looking hairs sold else where called Virgin Hairs.

Hair grades was not Created by manufacturers in China as an easy way to explain to their clients ”how good the hair is.” I Lorna Brown of DesiGner Virgin Hair did 10yrs+ now! Shop Raw Hair www.RawHairGuru.com live chat ask me anything!

I designed The RawHairGuru Chinese Brazilian Hair grade shortly after starting the business, when all style look the same and china saying its virgin hair but my client complaining of issue which should not be associated with human hair, let alone virgin hair. Also at this time they use 3A 4A 2A 1A system and still do today, just upgraded with my Hair grade system of 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A 10A, Through my detailed research I found other vendors in countries I had never ordered from including India, which also by the way also messy to work with.. so I decided to grade china hair the lowest quality 5A on my list to show my client there was a different and so to explain not only price but hair been from a totally different breed of human in other regions!

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As a result 99.9% of Hair products ordered from our DesiGner Virgin Hair store are custom made non chinese Raw real Hair, so you wont find those aliexpress cheap blend prices of horse animal hair and synthetic Japanese fiber blends sold in our online Hair store. Now we able to offer you the exact same savings as Chinese Hair factory without markup to the prices , which has helped many getting started faster within their workable budgets been multiple mix hair lots at Our Factory Prices. Honestly am Permed I do not play when it comes to what goes on my own head, so I will not sell something I wont wear or some new none trusted sourcing, as many emails claiming Chinese factory, Your RawHairGuru I’ve acquired better for you 90 days personally Hair guarantee and Paypal 6 months Money Back rest assured.

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Your RawHairGuru provide some of the Purest Raw Virgin Hairs & Exclusive Baby Remy Hairs for all your Hair extension celebrity quality Hair needs, whatever the highest grade you’ve heard of “This is it”, in my “Michael Jackson” voice
Your RawHairGuru is an expert Natural Hair sourcing Import/Exporter of 100% Pure donor hair for all Virgin Hair products for more than 17years, well other products as well Now let’s see if I can help about: what’s the differences of the hair grades:

DesiGner Virgin hair Best Grade 10A Double Drawn Virgin hair and Remy hair Specialist www.RawHairGuru.com

So what is the best grade of hair extensions ?

Lets start with Our 7A DesiGner Virgin hair grade quality definition:

7A DesiGner Virgin hair is a medium grade 100% virgin human remy hair which maybe thinner ends on longer bundles or have few more flyaway hair on weft, with proper care, Our RawHairGuru 7A hair bundles will last 6 months to 1 year. It can be bleached/dyed , restyled up to a #27 color and remain healthy. This affordable 7A hair is Stylist approved and considered not the best but a good on hand quality hair extensions.

Why Should you sample DesiGner Virgin Hair grade 7a hair?

Buy DesiGner Virgin Hair Grade 10A Remy hair extensions that has not been dyed, bleached, straightened, or chemically treated in any way. Prevents matting, shedding and tangling. www.RawHairguru.com

Its excellent choice for first timers weave wearers, college students on a budget or anyone seeking an affordable quality to wear. I do not consider it a processional reselling quality, more personal uses. For ladies who may not prefer to bleach or dye the hair shipped, and will not be wearing the weft hair extensions more than 6 months.

Pros & cons of DesiGner Virgin hair 7a hair.

The most benefit of using this mink hair would be the affordability. The Hair may varies in texture quality after washing curly hairs and if clients add harsh or improper bleaching at home. I suggestion keeping it natural black 1b and it last longest to 12 month or longer with care. This quality hair weaves will not tangle and shed if kept well, although not the higher or best grades to wear and to each client this level may be perfect and that’s alright. Our RawHairguru 7a Hair weaves will not get tangled more than higher grades of 8a 9a 10A listings . This quality need moisture same as any human hair and our own heads the care taken to ensure that they don’t have split ends or heat damage. Our 7a RawHairGuru Hairs soft and silky feel same as most called 12A 14A virgin hair factories selling hair as 15A. Maybe same the quality , Our wholesale Designer Virgin Hair prices are not marked up for wholesale from the Hair Factory prices, remaining competitive while allowing you the advantage of the huge savings as direct hair factory offers today.

Is Hair Grade 7a Brazilian hair good? our RawHairGuru 7A is budget friendly salon quality as good as 8a or 9a 100% human hair With proper care, it can last longer than a year. live chat www.RawHairGuru.com

DesiGner Virgin hair 8A hair quality definition:

Our RawHairGuru 8A grade Brazilian Virgin hair is a high grade 100% human Remy hair with cuticles in the same direction. With proper care, Our DesiGner Virgin hair RawHairGuru 8A grade virgin mink hair bundles can last 8months-1.5 years. All DesiGner Virgin hair imported hairs can be bleached and dyed up to a medium blonde color and remain in excellent condition. Our Human Remy hair is considered to be an excellent quality for local hair on hand deals.

Should you sample grade 8A hair weaves?

Our wholesale Brazilian 8a is a great wholesale starter choice for someone seeking good quality longevity, without breaking their budget. Its soft and beautiful and if kept in good condition it can be a great choice as you go throw your year enjoying your new DesiGner Virgin Hair RawHairGuru 8A Hair extensions.

Pros & cons of Virgin hair RawHairGuru 8A hair bundles.

Our 8A human remy hair is priced well. It is an everyday quality that can last a year or longer. Its soft luster and weight of our hair weaves is naturally very appealing. With proper construction, 8A hair weaves shouldn’t shedding or tangling as with any of our other hair grades sourced used.

DesiGner Virgin Hair , Cuticle Remy hair is hand collected which keeps the hair strands aligned in the natural direction as it grew. This allows the most natural look and feeling texture that is comparable to your own. www.RawHairGuru.com

What Virgin hair 9A Mink hair mean?

Our 9A grade hair weaves is a considered high grade in the Mink hair factories , 100% virgin hair with a stronger hair strand thick weft with cuticles intact in the same direction. Our RawhairGuru 9A hair bundles can last more than 12months. All DesiGner Virgin hair Custom import /Exporting hairs can be bleached , restyled and dyed up to a medium blonde color and remain in excellent condition. Our wholesale Mink Brazilian hair is favored by salon owners and stylist and considered to be great high quality hair weaves. Should you try DesiGner Virgin hairs grade 9A hair? Well all your RawHairGuru choices 7a 8A or 9a 10A are all great choices for the Black women that loves new hair styles and been able to do more coloring. This 9A hair weaves give you the amazing flawless look for a great ladies night out.

Pros & cons of DesiGner Virgin hair 9A hair grade.

Our RawHairGuru Hair Sourcing for this 9a hair is priced at the higher end of what most are used to buying out there. Well the difference is you’re investing in a quality that will last you longer and look more amazing. . Our 9A grade as with other choice hair factory partners no shedding or tangling and it is great choice..

DesiGner Virgin Hair , Cuticle Remy hair is hand collected which keeps the hair strands aligned in the natural direction as it grew. This allows the most natural look and feeling texture that is comparable to your own. www.RawHairGuru.com
What does Virgin hair 10A hair means, is there a difference?

Our RawHairGuru 10A grade hair is considered premium grade 100% Raw hair cuticle facing in the same direction of growth healthy donor strong hair strands With proper care, Mainly Straight or wavy only, all other patterns need steams as with other grades, Our 10A is also One donor , Our RawHairGuru 10A hair bundles can last up to 2-5 years. It can be colored up to Beautiful light Blonde colors and remain as good as donor cut it. Our DesiGner Virgin hair RawHairGuru Hair is considered to be high end celebrity quality hairs.

Should you buy Our grade 10A hair weaves ?

Our wonderful hair factory partners for 10A quality hair is a great choice for the women who loves high end her hair Imports quality and love doing a lot with it, Add the bouncy, volume and style for any occasion a great for styling and holding a style. Our RawHairGuru has secured some of the finest quality Hair grades for your wholesale or retail needs all are perfect choices and budget friendly for the Goddesses who love to wears real and beautiful hair weaves in different styles and wants her hair to last a bit longer Our DesiGner Virgin hair 10A is natural thick soft ,it doesn’t shed or tangle as with other sources I've worked with over the 17yrs in this business. Your RawHairGuru Hair source for 10A grade seriously sellers and buyers, who need investment quality hair, aka celebrity quality hairs that will blow in the wind for many years to come.

DesiGner Virgin Hair , Remy Hair is hand collected which keeps the hair strands aligned in the natural direction as it grew. This allows the most natural look and feeling texture that is comparable to our own. www.RawHairGuru.com